Etwas funktioniert nicht?
Melden Sie uns das Problem!

Es liegt uns am Herzen, dass Sie Lumo-Lamp-Lampen und -Systeme voll und ganz genießen könnten – sollte jedoch etwas nicht funktionieren, das erhaltene Produkt nicht mit der Bestellung übereinstimmen oder sollte es ein anderes Problem mit der Bestellung geben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.

  • Die Lampe leuchtet nicht?
    Please contact us by the telephone, e-mail or directly by the contact form subjoined to the specific lamp’s or system’s page of your interest- we will contact you and provide the pricing of the desired products.
  • Cac I return the product?
    Each of our lamps is subjected to return within 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • When will my order arrive?
    As soon as possible- everything depends on the quantity of lamps ordered and optional customization requirements. Ask about the date of delivery while making an order.
  • I would like to order many lamps. What should I do?
    Describe how many and what lamps or systems you would like to order. We will contact you and go through the details.
  • Can I customize the lamp?
    Yes, every lamp has got determined customizability possibillities- contact us and ask us about the details.
  • Where can I see the lamps?
    Our lamps may be seen on our webpage , social- media channels and video clips shot on Exhibitions and Trade Fairs on YouTube.

Contact us!
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