We will help!

We care about the fact that you could fully enjoy the lamps and systems of LumoLamp- if something is not working, the ordered product is inconsistent with the order or there has occurred any other order problem, contact us.

The lamp/-s is/-are not working?
Before contacting us please double- check the way of connection and its consistency with the manual- if the light fixture is still not working contact us through contact form and describe your problem accurately.
The product is inconsistent with its description?
If the product that you have received is not consistent with its description, describe us what is the inconsistency or what parts are missing- we will verify your order as soon as possible.
Why did I receive only a part of the order?
It happens that large orders are shipped in multiple parcels- it is dictated by the dimensions of the specific lamps or systems. Check wether your order was shipped this way.

Contact us!
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