– passion and technology

Creating LumoLamp brand is the fruit of many years of experience in LED lighting branch as well as setting much store to innovations altering technological standards on the market of project lighting in the global scale. Therefore we have decided to introduce modern and designer solutions into decorative lighting space.

Lumo Lamp is a system enabling the application of ready- made product as an individual light fixture as well as connecting several and more fixtures in order to create unique and original projects by their “multiplicative” feature. Thanks to its well- considered system of the connectors the possibillities are practically unlimited and the designer this way gains access to the tool that improves the designing process. LumoLamp answers the demand of the decorative lighting market for “scalable” lamps which are a perfect fit to accommodate the large format spaces of public services, commercial and office buildings.

Awards and distinctions:

  • The distinction for the most innovative product or technology on the Warsaw Fairs Light 2018, February 2018.,
  • 2-nd place in the competition for the best Trade Stand- Light 2018, February 2018.,
  • Light+ Building Frankfurt 2018 ‘StandOUT’ Honourable Distinction– Lumotubo, March 2018.,
  • Finalist of the Good Design 2021 Competition- November 2021.,
  • RDE 2018 London – nomination and 3-rd place in the innovation contest, the nomination of ‘Trail and Awards at Retail Design Expo and Retail Digital Signage Expo’, May 2018.