Light in the Form

Lumo Lamp is the light encapsulated in the form of innovative, designer lamps and systems changing the existing view on the possibilities of contemporary interior design.

Choose your form

Choose the form of lighting that will high-light the character of your space and get acquainted with the possibilities of its individual adaptation due to its diversed mounting methods as well as varied system solutions capabilities.

Choose your System

Choose the form of system lighting that is the most suitable to high- light the character of your space and find out more about its possibillities of individual adaptation
thanks to diversed mounting methods as well as various system solutions.

System solutions

LumoLamp systems enable the creation of customized lighting for any given space – carefully considered technological solutions in relation with original forms of our products create unlimited possibilities and the range of ready- made results transform a thus far complicated process into an enjoyable fun with light and space.

Also Discover

LumoTubo is a patented and innovative lighting system using LED technology. It is a product combining enormous possibilities of creating the spaces with light while maintaining low operating cost.

About us

Lumo Lamp are passionate people who have
spent years to illuminate the new possibillities
concerning the modern lighting.